Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Snapshots from Day 3 (Wednesday)

Some snapshots by Rad taken in the course of Wednesday's ride, including the famous "Floating Bridge" across Cowes harbour - for the route on Day 3 see map above. The footage posted below of The end of the journey looks as if it took place in deep fog - but that was just condensation on the lens of Rad's camera. By the time the riders completed their circuit of the Island at the Yarmouth Harbour car park, the weather had actually brightened up a lot as you can see here. Unfortunately Tom was late with the minibus. Frank and Rad didn't bother waiting but headed back on their bikes to our base a few miles further on, at the YHA in Totland. Impressively hardcore !


  1. Perhaps we should explain that all the shots of pubs aren't due to an unhealthy interest in licensed premises... one of our sponsors offered a bonus for each photo of a pub sign we snapped en route!

  2. Granny/Mum/Gill2 March 2011 at 13:26

    I am so proud of my lovely granddaughter and of my equally lovely daughter Sue and son in law Tom who were in the support team: very well done all of you involved in the project.
    Great to see all the photos and videos - pity about the weather!